Little vegan obsession.

Hello, everyone!
It's Monday, which means, new week has started. So, I have been little bit busy lately. But no matter how busy I have been, I haven't forgot my vegan passion (yes, it is true passion, maybe small obsession, goon one though). So, last week I finally decided that the time has come to start to buy my own cookbooks because I'm very serious about this lifestyle change. I also bought "Vegan bodybuilding and fitness" by Robert Cheeke because it is one of few guides for vegans, how to build muscle and stay in shape. There are a lot of people out there, who think that vegans don't consume enough protein, I have been discussing this earlier. So, this book and it's author is living proof that even vegans can be bodybuilders which can mean only one thing - we DO consume protein and it is possible on plant-based diet!

So, these are my first few books and I'm very excited about them, really! The more I read, especially Robert's book, the more I'm convinced that being a vegan is my thing!!!

Have a wonderful week,

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