Goal setting.

Everyone of us wants to be successful, right? To have a wonderful family, loving spouse, smart kids, huge house, satisfying job and absolute happiness, right? Well, it doesn't happen without action. Unfortunately. There are no magic fairies who will all the work for us overnight. This is life where you have to take action, commit and achieve your goals.

I have come up to with 5 very simple ways how to set goals and do it successfully.
Here they are:
1. "If you don't plan, plan to fail." All those people who are successful and they have achieved everything they have desired, didn't got it just thinking or dreaming about it. They took real action. They spent hours and hours thinking all possible ways how to achieve what they want. And after thinking about what to do, they put it on the piece of paper and then used these written-down goals as their guidelines EVERY SINGLE DAY!
2. Set only measurable goals - be specific. If you will set a goal on your mind that even doesn't sound realistic, guess what, you will never achieve it. When you set the goal, think through, can you really achieve it? And if so, do you believe you can do it! Everything starts within you and if you don't believe you can achieve something, you won't.
3. Create small goals that are easy attainable. Take every goal day by day, step by step. Start with small short-term goals, then have bigger middle-term goals and then big goals that are long-term goals. And the big ones should consist of small ones that will help you to achieve the big/main one.
4. Set deadline. People are very lazy creatures. Admit that. But all of our bills have time limit, it's one of goals you're achieving every month - pay your bills. And isn't that's much easier to pay them on time because of the time limit? Yes! Exactly! Do with your goals EXACTLY the same!
5. Goals must be reviewed daily. Life happens and if we don't have our goals in front of us at least once a day, we get caught up in life and we suddenly forget about all of goals because in order to achieve them, you have to step out of your comfort zone. And as I said, people are lazy, so read them over and over again every day.

I think these 5 simple rules are very good guidelines for achieving every single goal we want to achieve and be that person we have always dreamed about!

Good luck,

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