Concerns about soy products.

When people find out that I'm a vegan, they seem to be concerned. Why? Because they assume that my protein intake is very low. Well, it's not. I eat a lot of soy products. After this announcement, people get even more concerned. Because once upon a time they have heard that consuming too much soy (usually they don't know "dangerous" amount), can actually do harm. Especially to women. And then they start to tell me these "juicy steak and delicious burger" stories. I bet, if you're a vegan and none of your friends are, you have heard these stories million of times.
So, these concerned people started to bug me a little bit, so I started small research and look what I found - an article about soy. And in this article, scientists have proven that soy can actually help prevent breast cancer. Here you go, no harm!

So, cheers to soy and health,

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