Reasons WHY to workout! #5

Hello everyone,
so, today, I'm continuing the series of reasons why you and people around you should workout. Today I'll list external or "what can you see from the outside" reasons.

1. Improves your body shape
2. Tones and firms your muscles
3. Provides more muscle definition
4. Increases muscle size by increasing muscle fibers
5. Helps alleviate varicose veins
6. Increase the efficiency of your sweat glands
7. Improves your body's overall composition
8. Increases body density
9. Decreases fat tissue more easily
10. Makes your clothes look better on you

Everyone of us crave for these changes, right?! But, trust me, when I honestly tell you, there is no such thing as quick fix. When you are finally ready to commit, you have to make a lifestyle change - for the rest of your life!
I'm ready to help you!


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