Reasons WHY to workout! #3

If with first 2 lists of reasons it's not enough, then here we go with the most of reasons - overall fitness reasons why you SHOULD workout.

1. Makes you flexible
2. Builds strength
3. Improves endurance
4. Lowers your resting heart rate
5. Improves your body's ability to decrease heart rate after the exercise
6. Increases the number of capillaries that are open during the exercise as opposed to when at rest
7. Improves blood flow to the active muscles at the peak of training
8. Enhances the function of the cardiovascular system
9. Enhances the function of the cardio-respiratory system
10. Improves efficiency in breathing
11. Increases respiratory capacity
12. Decreases the chances of developing osteoporosis
13. Lowers your risk of death from cancer
14. Improves resistance to diseases
15. Enables you to stay warmer in colder environments
16. Stimulates release of hormones that alleviate pain
17. Enhances neuromuscular relaxation
18. Improves athletic performance
19. Enhances sexual performance
20. Increases energy level
21. Helps you live longer and better
22. Invigorates your body and mind
23. Is the greatest tune-up for the body
24. Affords you the opportunity to experience your fullest potential
25. Improves the whole quality of your life

Need help or advice?! Feel free to ask fro help!

P.S. Here is a quote by Charles Caleb Colton that is very deep and makes you think about things in life. "Money is the most envied, but the least enjoyed. Health is the most enjoyed, but the least envied."

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