I'm a firm believer that you have to be mentally and emotionally ready for India. I'll explain what I mean by that. You can't just like that go to India. You have to grow and be ready for what India will offer you. Because it is completely different world, different culture, different value system about things around them.
About year ago, I thought I'm way too far away to be emotionally ready for this country. At least 5 - 10 years away for sure. But today I can truly say that I'm closer to India than I thought. At least emotionally and mentally. I think, within a year or so, I'll be ready for 200%, no doubt!
Yes, I would never be able to live there, as of now, I don't feel that that would be the right place or country, for that matter, for me. But I would love to see that country, even meditate and see and experience their way of living. Their culture. And foremost, their food :) yes, most of their foods are vegan! Yes, India is true vegan paradise!
I know, some day I'll go there.. Sooner or later.. no time limit on that.

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