You're vegan? What do you eat?

Yes, people do think that vegan's eat only leafs. Sorry, people, but if you think so, then you simply don't have enough info about it. Actually, it is funny (I should start to collect people facial expressions, seriously) to see how people react when I tell them that I haven't had burger for over 5 years, that I don't know such places as "Wendy's", "Taco Bell" etc. Honestly, the more people I meet and I tell them, the more I realize how sick people actually are with eating unhealthy. Good meal, dinner, for example, for most families (after long and exhausting day) is pizza or pasta with meatballs. I don't have anything against meatballs or pizza but, dear people, every single night?! Seriously?!
Ok, I'm not here to judge anyone. I'm healthy, that's all it matters. We're the only ones who have power over our bodies.
Here it is - my food pyramid:

So, trust me, it's not ONLY leafs or vegetables/fruits. Hey, I still can move and eating only green stuff, I doubt I would be able to function as I do now.

Have a wonderful Thursday,

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