Yesterday, I was very close to some vegan store, I have never been to, so I decided, since I'm in the area, I should go there, explore and maybe buy something I have never tried before.
Yes, I totally explored and bought:
- Soy yogurt (Mango and black cherry - mmm!). Honestly, I remember trying soy yogurt about a year ago (accidentally) and I totally hated it. But I spoke to the lady who works at that store and she said that commercial company's (whose production you can buy at the regular stores) usually don't pay so much attention to the taste, just ingredients, so I took the risk and yum! absolutely love it!
- Vegan cheese (yes, we also have our own cheese and it melts! LOL). and it was on sale, so I decided to give it a try too. I must admit that I haven't tried it yet but probably tonight or tomorrow I'll use it for dinner. I'll let you know how does it taste.
- Seitan. well, here is a challenge. it is somewhat like tempeh or tofu. it replaces beef (funny, I can't even imagine the taste of it because I haven't had beef in about 10 years for sure). but anyways, I came home and looked at the package and realized, I have no clue how to make it! so, I explored internet and other vegan blogs and found few recipes. So, probably tonight, I'll try to make that.
- Almond milk. So far, MY FAVORITE!! Way much better than soy milk, coconut milk and rice milk. it is absolutely my favorite! Love it! It has this super-mild and soft taste. Cons for this is that this milk has only 1 g of protein, which means, it's not as valuable as, for example, soy milk which has exact amount of protein as cow's milk.

Anyways, my shopping trip went well. Since next weekend I'll be in the area, I think, I'll try to go there again and explore more new things.

Love being a vegan! It shows me so many food options, I didn't even knew exist! Amazing!

Have a great last day of January!

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