Less than 30 hours in this year, in this decade.
2010 has been very interesting year, I have met so many people. Some of them will stay in my life for a very long time, some of them not. Some of them has changes my point of view about things around me, some of them has opened my eyes about simple things in life, some of them has showed value of true friendship.
I am very thankful to all of those people who has helped me through tough times and has laughed with me when I had good times. I am thankful to all of my friends I have met, throughout this decade, who are making my life such a wonderful place!
I am thankful for my health, for my family and all obvious things we have in our lives!

All in all, 2010 and this decade has been very good time! Ready for 2011 and next decade who seems to bring a lot of new trends!


Free time obsession?!

Yes, people love free time. Off work, off school, off troubles and problems. It's all good, of course. But problems start when our minds start to manipulate with us. How? Let me explain this! So, when we have free time but we have no clue what to do with it, we start to think. Think about things, future, people etc. Normal, right? But then, at some point, if there is at least one reason we aren't happy, that's where our minds start their obsessed journey. We start to pity our selves and feel sorry for something we have or we have not.
So, honestly, I would rather be extra busy all the time and maybe tired of all the action in my life than allow my mind to go crazy and make up things that doesn't exist. Well, they do but ONLY in my head!!!


Don't know.

Pēc ilgiem laikiem manī ir iemitinājies apmulsums un neziņa ko darīt!
Ceru pavisam drīz atbildes uz pāris jautājumiem pašas atradīs ceļu un es varēšu beigt uztaukties un domāt "kā būtu, ja būtu tā"..



This has been the best weekend this year since I moved to New York! Truly amazing time! Thanks to those two special people in my life :)
And that vegan restaurant! Mmmm... DELICIOUS!!! :)



Christmas in 9 days.

Uh! Crazy, crazy, crazy!
Christmas is coming! Time is flying so so fast. Just unbelievable.
Decorating Christmas tree - Check,
Cooking gingerbread cookies - Check,
Peppermint tea - Check,
Clementines - Check,
Christmas songs - Check,
Christmas mood - Check,
First snow (on December 14th) - Check!

Yeah, presents too - Check!
For this Christmas - All I want for Christmas is YOU, baby!



SO, I have officially enrolled in my school. It starts in little over a month. Can't wait!! I have never been so excited about anything eduction-wise. Which means that this is IT! This is the thing what I want to do for the rest my life :) I know, it will be hard to combine school with job and social life (I guess, no social life for me, lol) but I know it is so worth it!!! :)

Bring it!

Today, in a long time, I had 2 hour workout. I'm exhausted but it feels so amazing when you know how useful you have spent last 2 hours. Instead of doing something totally useless, I did something great that make me feel great about myself! Better health and better looks, here I come :)



It was such an amazing day. I haven't felt so great and as myself for such a long time. Looking forward to next weekend!


E-mail time.

Wow, school has taken so much time that I have to reply to so many e-mails. So, my mission today and tomorrow is to write e-mails to all those people who are still waiting answers. Even from my birthday - month ago. I know, I have been very bad with that... but... better later than never.. :)

Go figure!

How to say NO to a person without hurting his/her feelings??


Weird behavior.

Wait, so, if everyone is planning on jumping off the window just because it's cool or some other reason why, you're going to jump too? Just because to fit it? Wow! Amazing how weak people actully are... So sad..



My dream about going to Texas one day is still going strong!
I know, one day I'll get there!
Santa, could I get flight ticket and accommodations in Texas for Christmas?! :)

P L E A S E !