Not sure why but I'm in emotionally very strange place right now.
It feels that something is changing, maybe it's because my birthday is coming, maybe because it's been such a long time since I'm here, maybe because... I don't know yet. But, as I remember, my best friend always used to say, that when I start to look into the past, start to watch old movies/tv shows that has been very important for me, it is time for change. And I think she's right. No wonder, she's my best friend. She knows me better than I know myself.

Also, good changes has been happening with my blog. I was going through last year entries and I realized that at some point I wasn't writing so much as I used to.. why? not sure, really. But now I'm back on track and I write about my feelings, my thoughts and life around me.

I'm looking forward to these changes that are happening with me, even I don't know what is it yet...

Good night America, good morning Latvia!

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