Being vegan.

So, day 4 as a vegan has come to an end and I feel truly amazing!
Today I went vegan-grocery shopping. Wow, it is really hard to find real vegan foods. But, I bought everything I needed. Also, since I'm vegan now, I have to pay more attention not only to nutrition facts but also ingredients. I downloaded this app for my phone where I can check if any ingredients, I don't know, is or it's not vegan. Amazing! I'm very excited to make tons of vegan foods tomorrow, some desserts included.
So far I feel very good, even my energy level is high and I had no problems working out, what I was little bit concerned about!


P.S. Yesterday I went to this fair at Union square in Manhattan and there I bought my first vegan chocolate! Soooooo delicious :)
Love being vegan!

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