Haunted house.

So... last year was my first haunted house. And I went with few friends who knew what to expect from that thing, I had no clue. I was so scared and almost (yes, almost) cried. anyways, this year, my first haunted house was 2 weeks ago when I went with my family. It was so funny. I was laughing all the time and wasn't scared at all. Not sure whether it was because what to expect or because kids were so scared and it was so funny to watch them?! Anyways, tonight I went to my third haunted house so far and it was at my college. It was really good. I mean, me and Felicia, were screaming but it was really creepy because our group's tour guides were telling old stories about this old castle/college building... but it was really good!
So, this Friday we're going to Playland, which is one of best haunted houses in Eastern New York, so it should be totally awesome :) can't wait!!!

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