Reality check!

Growing apart with someone you care about is very sad and strange. Especially when you realize that it has been going on for a while now..


Student again.

So excited! Today was my first official day of school. It was really good. I love my professor, she is very nice and it seems that I'll learn a lot from her.
Test is in 6 weeks, so... I commit to study a little bit every single day and hopefully I'll get the best result out of all people in my class (ha ha, I know it's not a competition, but still, you know?!). And then, the next test and then will see how everything will go :)


On the way to my journey, something went wrong today.
Tomorrow is a new day... let's hope for the best....

15 months.

Today. Since I'm in USA.


I know, it's selfish but... sometimes it is just so good to know that people miss you!

Haunted house.

So... last year was my first haunted house. And I went with few friends who knew what to expect from that thing, I had no clue. I was so scared and almost (yes, almost) cried. anyways, this year, my first haunted house was 2 weeks ago when I went with my family. It was so funny. I was laughing all the time and wasn't scared at all. Not sure whether it was because what to expect or because kids were so scared and it was so funny to watch them?! Anyways, tonight I went to my third haunted house so far and it was at my college. It was really good. I mean, me and Felicia, were screaming but it was really creepy because our group's tour guides were telling old stories about this old castle/college building... but it was really good!
So, this Friday we're going to Playland, which is one of best haunted houses in Eastern New York, so it should be totally awesome :) can't wait!!!


so true

"The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything."
— Unknown Author


Sometimes just short phone call with a friend can make your whole day!

Sharing happiness!

It is so true about saying that it make us feel better about ourselves when we make someones day brighter! I'm really glad that people really start to appreciate me :) it is definitely a great feeling!

John Tesh

When I lived in Cleveland, OH, I used to listen 94.1 with John Tesh, who is amazing radio enterpreuner. He's giving advices and telling interesting facts about simple things in life. And couple weeks ago, I found his radio show on local radio, here in New York :) so glad... it makes me feel like I'm back at home (Cleveland)..
And yes, my heart will always stay in Ohio!


If it's not a deal breaker, don't make it as one!



Not sure why but today feels different. Today feels like it's very special day. In general, nothing is different, just the feeling... well... day is not over yet, maybe something will happen?!


Here you can actually see me with blond and brown hair. I had blond hair in 2005 and brown hair in 2007 and I have had black hair since 2008, I guess.

Really? Maybe it's because my birthday is coming up and I feel like changing something but... I really started to think, maybe I should color my hair blond again... I don't know... I assume and hope that after my birthday I will change my mind because I really love having black hair... but... will see ;)

It's party time, right?

Oh, this weekend was so much fun. Parties on both, Friday and Saturday nights. Most likely, there will be party tomorrow night too because it's Felicia's birthday and she's turning 21 :)
Next weekend seems to be wild too - it's Halloween time! Haunted house on Friday, Halloween party in Manhattan on Saturday and Halloween parade on Sunday! Sounds as a great way to spend weekend to me :):):)
And then... it's my birthday week... I can't believe that my birthday is actually coming up. Wow! I'm getting old, right?! LOL



I'm little bit disappointed with myself because I haven't been taking pictures of people/places/events around me for past 2 or 3 months. Where is my photograph inspiration??? And every week I think to myself that this weekend I'll take my camera and take pictures but nothing changes... What has changed?

Today's quote.

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."
— Oscar Wilde


Šodien uznāca kaut kāda aplama melanholija pēc vecajiem laikiem. Pēc cilvēkiem, kuriem manā dzīvē reiz bija nopietnas lomas. Pēc kopā pavadītiem laikiem. Un nē, tas nav tāpēc, ka kaut kas būtu noticis vai tāpēc, ka šeit būtu slikti. Nebūt nē! Te ir labi, gribētos teikt, ka labāk. Vienkārši uznāca tāds kā vājuma brīdis. Un visiem tiem, kuri manā dzīvē reiz bija svarīgi, piedodiet par tām reizēm, kad esmu jūs sāpinājusi vai vienkārši neesmu izrādījusi pietiekami daudz mīlestības. Zinu, ka tagad tam vairs nav nozīme... pa lielam. Tas man bija svarīgi, to atzīt.
Lai vai kā, viss kas notiek, notiek uz labu un pagātne ir tā, kas mums palīdz pilnveidoties, ka būtu vieglāk dzīvot tagadnē un mēs redzētu daudz gaišāku nākotni!

Un te nu man gribas teikt, pacelsim glāzes un iedzersim par skaistu tagadni un daudzsološu nākotni!


Unexpected news.

WOW!!! I just found out that my friend from Ohio is moving to Japan for next 3 years... I feel so bad that I won't be able to see him before he leaves..
I hope that everything will go well with him and that sooner or later I'll see him again :)


Oh well...

Who would have thought that???
SHOCK!! I just found out that my ex-boyfriend got married this summer. OMG!!! And I didn't even knew about it! Wow!!



It's official - it's snowing in Latvia! Wow! And I was complaining that is only 66F/19C degrees outside in here. Obviously, this will be my second birthday in a row without a snow, what sounds great to me :)


Pleasant surprise.

I was pleasantly surprised that there are still nice people out there! Thank Godness!


Weird....! None of the songs on my phone or computer or on radio can give me satisfaction for music. What that supposed to mean?

Friendly advice.

If you don't know what you're talking about then shut up!


When your mind doesn't sleep, it tends to make up things that doesn't even exist.
That's why, the best idea is to allow yourself useful rest and sleep. Your mind, the same as your body, needs some rest from time to time. And the more rest, the better it works.


All you need is feeling that someone is believing in you. Even when you don't.


Future and so on.

I wish I could change so many things in my life right now. Whether I don't have enough willpower or I can't make those decisions myself. Regarding lack of my willpower, I have to find a right way how to peal lack of it off to get to it. Regarding stuff that I can't effect, I just have to live with them and hope. Sometimes hope is all we have... And sometimes it's enough... Let's see how it goes this time!?!


not good.
not good at all.



Oh, very productive day today. I started to take 2 new supplements to improve my workouts and they really work. I felt that my energy level was (and still is even after 6 hours) very high. And feeling really good. No bad feeling in my stomach what I had when I used to drink energy drinks before workout (even though it was beginning of this summer).
Also, I haven't decided for sure yet, but maybe I'll do my first 5K in 3 weeks. I really need some race to participate. I just feel it! I remember how amazing I felt after my cycling race of 26 miles/44 km. It was such an amazing and wonderful feeling!! I just need to feel that way again...
One more working day (hopefully no working this weekend) and then, off to Manhattan for weekend! :) Let's hit Manhattan floor ;)

Have a wonderful day people,



On Sunday I went to see movie "Town" and I must admit that Ben Afleck really surprised me. He is good actor after all. Anyways, story line is one of those well-known bank robbery movies but after half a movie you realize that this is not even close being to one of those I-know-what-will-happen movies! Very good movie after all! 4 stars out of 5! Suggest to everyone over 18, since it's rated R.


I know it's only Tuesday, almost Wednesday, but so far, this week has been very good! Some unexpected and good news. Only thing I'm concerned about is that this Friday, my sweetest cousin will have a surgery in Russia. I'm crossing my fingers and praying that he'll need only one surgery and that Russian doctors will be able to help him! Even though when I left Romans was 3 years old and now he's a big boy, he's 5, I still think that he's the sweetest boy in the world!! So, I'll keep him in my prayers!!
Other than that, can't wait till this weekend when me and Amanda will go to party in manhattan, real NYC style! Ha! Party, party, party! :)


Vote! Vote! Vote!

Today is election day of Saeima - Parliament of Latvia. I'm on my way to NYC to do my citizen duty... I'm just wondering, will my vote will change anything? I wish it will because I want my grandmother good pension. And jobs for my friends and family.
Hopefully, things will change for good! We always have hope!

You do what you gotta do

I hate lying to people, especially my closest ones but sometimes you just have to...