this weekend.

It was such a great weekend! Yesterday me and Amanda went to Queens, NY to see that huge globe what you can see at opening credits for TV show "King of Queens". Wow, that globe was huge!!

And then we headed back to Manhattan and walked around! I had really good time with her, as always :) and this morning... grr... I had to wake up at 5:30 am. Sunday and 5:30 am?? wow, it was a tough one! But seeing Time Square at 7:30 am without any tourists was such a blast! Really! It was so empty, there were only people who went to work or were just passing by, really amazing!

And today I had THE BEST and THE CHEAPEST sushi I have ever had!!! Felicia (from Sweden) took me to this sushi place in White Plains, NY and OMG!!! It was only $4 for 12 huge pieces! I know where I'll satisfy my cravings for sushi from now on... Yumi!

All in all this weekend was truly amazing!
I'm really looking forward to next weekend when Amanda is finally moving in her new place and I'll stay with her whole weekend and we'll go dancing in Manhattan on Saturday night! Sounds great ;)

Have a great week,

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