Lost in ....

Feeling somewhat lost today... maybe I should go back to sleep and stop thinking too much?! Ha!


Is it possible to build long-lasting friendship if you have spent only one day together and now you both live thousands of miles from each other?! I guess so. And it might happen with few people during our lifetime. Either way, it is very interesting thing to think about, isn't it?


Yankees game.

Last week I went to Yankees game!
Yes, the most famous baseball team in the world! And I saw it!
It was amazing. Here you have small sneak-peak from the game.

this weekend.

It was such a great weekend! Yesterday me and Amanda went to Queens, NY to see that huge globe what you can see at opening credits for TV show "King of Queens". Wow, that globe was huge!!

And then we headed back to Manhattan and walked around! I had really good time with her, as always :) and this morning... grr... I had to wake up at 5:30 am. Sunday and 5:30 am?? wow, it was a tough one! But seeing Time Square at 7:30 am without any tourists was such a blast! Really! It was so empty, there were only people who went to work or were just passing by, really amazing!

And today I had THE BEST and THE CHEAPEST sushi I have ever had!!! Felicia (from Sweden) took me to this sushi place in White Plains, NY and OMG!!! It was only $4 for 12 huge pieces! I know where I'll satisfy my cravings for sushi from now on... Yumi!

All in all this weekend was truly amazing!
I'm really looking forward to next weekend when Amanda is finally moving in her new place and I'll stay with her whole weekend and we'll go dancing in Manhattan on Saturday night! Sounds great ;)

Have a great week,


In the name of happiness...

Just wondering, how long we can pretend to be someone we aren't? How long we can wear those fake masks? How long we can allow our selves to be fake and how long can we lie to our selves? What should we take as turning point? When you get so sick of yourself and your actions that you're crashed and crying like a newborn?
Some answers has come along the way I'm walking right now but questions are still out there. If you're happy can you allow yourself to be fake? And what really means being fake? There are so many things I still don't understand and yes, I'm not ready yet for anything what is in my future. I'm not. But in the name if better future I have to walk over my fears, face them and win in this fight! Well... as long as prize at the end is my happiness, I really don't care. It's not like I have never had these kind of fights before. As they say, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger... Right?


Today something changed. Within me..
Let's see where these changes will take me..


Sunday night.

It has been a good weekend.
My good friend Amanda came to visit me and it was truly amazing. We had so much fun together, as always, of course.
And now I have perfect closure for this week - popcorn and Forrest Gump. Mmmm... great!

Getting ready for exciting week!
Good night,


In between.

I'm stuck in Philadelphia. Not a bad thing, of course. I'm waiting for my connecting flight to New York. So, all in all, I finally have a job again. After 2 weeks being jobless it feels as such a blast. Can't wait to finally start working. I think that these 2 weeks as unpaid vacation has thought me such a good lesson about people and things around me. But, you know, you do what you have to do, right?
I'm really excited to go to New York and give this state another chance. This time everything will be different. I can just feel it. I can even smell it. I think, it was a good thing that everything fall apart in New Jersey and I had a chance to go back to Ohio to see all my friends and family. As they say, everything happens for a reason, right?
Flying over Philly, it seemed as very beautiful city and I have heard a lot of good things about this place. Maybe I will come and visit. It's not that far away, anyways, so, why wouldn't I, right?
Oh well... maybe now I will start to write more comments about what is going on in my life... as it was when I first arrived in States. I can't believe, it has been almost 14 months since I have been here. Time definitely flies too fast...

Greetings from Philadelphia, PA.


I should learn how tl leave past behind and get it over with in my heart....
Or else I'll get hurt over and over again and nothing is ever gonna change!
Maybe I should start this new life today? Yes, I think today is a good day for starting something new! No need to wait for Monday or beginning of the month. Yes, starting today, I'm having new life, new priorities in life. Well... no one said that changes are easy, right? But, well, you have to start at some point for better future, right?

Really ....

Sometimes it's easier to live in denial...