I miss Ohio. That's all I can think about. Days in here go by so slow only because my heart is still in Ohio with my friends, family. Just 18 days left and I'll be in Ohio for long weekend.. Can't wait. Really. Even though I live 15 min train ride from Manhattan, I don't care because I just don't like big cities. Apparently! When I lived in Riga, I thought that New York would be my dream city. Guess what?! Be careful what you wish for because you might get it! And now I live in this big city and I'm longing for this small town with all places I knew, my friends and feeling that I can go somewhere and hide from someone. In here, it's too many people...
All in all, life in here is good too. Too noisy though but it's fine. As pastor said, right before I left, people in big cities aren't that sincere as it was in Ohio. and guess what?!

He was right!...


New Jersey.

I haven't wrote anything in past month because there has been too many stuff going on in my life.
Now I have finally moved to my new home for next, at least, 1 year.
This is the view from my window:

Perfect view to Manhattan, New York. Either way, I miss Cleveland so much.. but I know that I haven't left for good, I will go back and visit people that has made my first year in States memorable.

Good night!