yes, very interesting

I guess, this is the time where I confess that I'm getting old. I can't remember where I put my stuff anymore. ha!

anyways, other thing that has been on my mind lately, especially past few days, is that people consider me as good adviser regarding relationships. and I have no clue why do they think like that. funny, maybe I should consider my carrier as relationship counselor?!

one year anniversary in 18 days, since I'm in USA or since I left Latvia. not really sure which one I would place as first one. it means that I have 18 days + 4 extra days (without work) to enjoy being with my Ohio friends.. it sounds so sad. what is 22 days? exactly - nothing! at least, not enough for me! but at least I'm not leaving the country. I'm kinda getting excited about moving to New Jersey. I know, I know, I have always wanted to live in a big city, but now I'm not sure that deep inside of me, I'm really that "city girl" that I always thought I am. will see!