Very interesting.

As of now, it seems that I won't be able to watch our (Latvia) ice-hockey games. Just because NBC show mostly American athletes and Eurosport can be watched online only in Europe. So maybe for the first season i won't be able to see our team performance.
Oh well... at least I can watch videos after game...
Anyways, good luck my team. because we're playing with Russia today and we HAVE to win!!! I don't care about the score but we have to kick some Russians butts :D


Total dissapointment!!!

Officially, I hate NBC channel because when "Latvia" team was coming out, they were presenting car commercials!!! Seriously?!?!?! I'm just so very upset!!
Of course, they showed our team but for 2 seconds. That's so not fair!! :(
But anyways, we will win our first ice-hockey game with Russia and then world will remember us!! :)
BY the way, I really didn't know that Estonia population is only 1.3 million. I thought we're almost like the smallest one. We're not, that's good :)


I know, when it hits you, it's painful.
But the truth is, some people should understand that their age limit is soo exceeded. Time goes and people should change with it.
Good luck! And I'm feeling very sorry for those "stuck in the moment/time" people!!


Be the best version of you!

Oh YES, I'm totally crazy but.. you know, this year in my life should be for exploring new things, new places, meeting new people. and well... that's exactly what I'm doing. Year ago I wouldn't even think about that but here I am and yes, I'm enjoying everything!!! :)


Crazy weekend.

Everything started on Friday evening with our extreme drive to Pittsburgh because for 2 days snow storm was following us (thanks a lot! :D). So, instead of 2 hour drive, it took us 3.5 hours only to get there. But it was fun tho, watching to all landscape, we were passing by. Very beautiful. Right before we had to leave our home city in a gas station, I slipped and, as I thought, broke my elbow. But pain killers and good sleep made my pain much easier to stand.
On Saturday morning I was totally sure that something IS wrong with my elbow (and I should go to hospital or clinic, at least) because it was blue-red, I could barely move my arm and I couldn't remember that kind of paid ever in my life. But, thanks to weather conditions, almost whole city was closed and places that my insurance covers were one of those "closed" ones. Yeah! But since I didn't wanted to stay at the hotel alone, I drank more pain killers and went snowboarding. Uff, it was the best 7 hours snowboarding ever!!! :) I didn't felt anything because adrenaline in my veins was high enough :) those were highest hills I have ever seen and have ever snowboarded on. just wonderful!!! :)
after all this, I'm alive, with blue-red elbow, I can barely feel it, but I don't care. Pain killers now are my best friends :)
Anyways, this weekend was so much fun and Tom made my day yesterday :) thanks to him I felt much, much better after all that happened with me :)

All in all, very good, actually great weekend!



If I don't talk to you, it doesn't mean that you're no longer in my heart.
Maybe you're in my heart too deep.

P.S. I really miss my friends. I do. I'm just trying to pretend that I'm busy. Just because. Just because it's easier.


Actually very interesting thing. I have never been very into some sports but since I'm in USA, I love watching basketball, ice-hockey (I guess, ice-hockey has been the only one, because Latvian team is still really good), baseball (although I think that that's the most boring sports ever) and American football. Yes, I must say that people in USA are like crazy with sports. Even tho if their team is the worst one in whole country, they will love it and hate, I really mean HATE, enemies. Their love towards sports (mostly watching them) is just captivate. And more or less, I'm sick too with the same sickness.
In just one week Olympics will start and on 17th February Latvia-Russia ice-hockey game. uh! even tho, I'm so far away from my country, I will totally support them.


Being so far away...

Sometimes, while being so far away from your friends and family, it is nice to listen to soft music that helps you travel back and forth in time. This is really wonderful and absolutely amazing song.