I sat and wondered about this, 2oo8, year.

First of all, this March I applied to Iceland University but I didn't get scholarship. Of course I was very sad and disappointed but when I heard that in September Iceland government announced about bankruptcy, I felt really thankful.
Secondly, this summer I started to work in law company. And last year Financial Times announced that my law company is the best in Baltic region. So I feel proud :)
This autumn CISV Latvia elected new board and since October I am CISV Latvia first vice president. And that is the reason why I feel proud of my self.
Last week, within my university, I visited morgue. And it was very interesting experience. Much better than watching C.I.S Las Vegas or Bone.
And yesterday I went to Blood donor center and first tome in my life I give my blood to leukemia patient.
And finally, today I find out that this Christmas and some days after I will go to International TTT meeting. So, first time in my life I will be in Malmö. And I am very glad about it :)

I believe there are also few things that I have forgot but these thing, I think, this year has made me better a person :)

Merry christmas and a happy New 2oo9.

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  1. Keep this up and im sure you are going to have more successful next year :) And most important is you are going to have luck – that’s 100% percent :)