I sat and wondered about this, 2oo8, year.

First of all, this March I applied to Iceland University but I didn't get scholarship. Of course I was very sad and disappointed but when I heard that in September Iceland government announced about bankruptcy, I felt really thankful.
Secondly, this summer I started to work in law company. And last year Financial Times announced that my law company is the best in Baltic region. So I feel proud :)
This autumn CISV Latvia elected new board and since October I am CISV Latvia first vice president. And that is the reason why I feel proud of my self.
Last week, within my university, I visited morgue. And it was very interesting experience. Much better than watching C.I.S Las Vegas or Bone.
And yesterday I went to Blood donor center and first tome in my life I give my blood to leukemia patient.
And finally, today I find out that this Christmas and some days after I will go to International TTT meeting. So, first time in my life I will be in Malmö. And I am very glad about it :)

I believe there are also few things that I have forgot but these thing, I think, this year has made me better a person :)

Merry christmas and a happy New 2oo9.



Dīvaini. Tev krīt uz nerviem un riebjas cilvēks, ar kuru ikdienā nemaz nav jātiekas. Vien iedomājoties par šo personu, paliek slikti un ir dusmas uz visu pasauli.
Kāpēc? Vai ar mani viss ir kārtībā? Vai arī man pāris skrūvīšu ir izkritušas?



How could my Aim looked like? It really doesn't matter.
All I care about is - that in the end I will be happy.
And now I have my aim in next two years.
And I hope - it will come true.
Because I feel deserve it.